CGI Innovation

American Graphic Communications into CGI Animations

Probably we all love to watch animation movies and laugh heartily at high jinks of cartoon characters. Have you ever wondered how these moving objects in animation movies, videogames, television programs, and commercials are built? Well, this is made possible due to the state-of-the-art animation technique, called computer-generated imagery or CGI animation. These days many leading 3D visualisation and animation studios like American Graphic Communications (AGC) are increasingly using CGI and motion capture techniques to create such moving objects that cannot be distinguished from the real world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the American Graphic Communications design and produce world class 3D images, animations and visual effects for its clients worldwide, including corporations, enterprises, ad agencies and film productions.

American Graphic Communications and CGI: An Introduction

American Graphic Communications, or simply AG Comm., is a United States-based artist-driven, CGI 3D animation and visual effects studio established in 2002. This is a creative CGI Studio with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, and production offices in several big cities across the country. When it comes to CGI, 3D animation and motion graphics, the company is exceptionally skilled, highly experienced, and extremely versatile. A specialist in 3D CGI animation and photorealistic CGI illustration, AG Comm. creates state-of-the-art visual imagery for full-length animated films, cutting edge visual effects for live action and hybrid films, and develops short-form animated content for social media posts and infographics.

Before delving deep into the LA company’s profile, let’s take a quick look at what CGI is. Computer generated imagery techniques or CGI can be defined as an application of computer graphics commonly applied to the field of special effects. Nowadays, the CGI technique is creating new waves in the field of three dimensional computer graphics, and has been used to give special effects in feature films, live-action movies and TV shows, as well as video games and computer games.

The technique is used in the field of special visual effects to obtain the quality of visuals that is far higher and better than any other graphic applications. Also, the visual effects created using CGI are far more controllable than any mechanical effects like props, huge set pieces or even actors who would be acting in the crowd scenes. So we can say CGI is a revolutionized computerized techniques that allows a bunch of people or a small production house to make a film from home computer. While working for its clients, the company oversees the whole CGI process- from data preparation to storytelling to implementation of animation in all media.

American Graphic Communications - A leading CGI expert worldwide!

Since its inception 15 years ago, AG Comm. has evolved into a global market leader in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). This digital animation studio has the capability and versatility to provide high-end CG visual effects, 3D animations, digital content, motion graphics and creative retouching for all projects, regardless of their size or scope. The company works with the vision to spearhead in the animation industry by making their creations better and better, in terms of quality graphics, realism and filming techniques. The company is expert in pre-production, including concept design, character design etc., and production like animation direction, on-set supervision, and motion control supervision of objects, products, locations, cars, and characters, as well as post-production techniques like 3D animation, computer graphic imaging particle effects, character animation etc. for advertising, photography, animation and interactive industries. With the help of its highly skilled and technically-advanced creative team of animators, the company fully encapsulate their clients’ visions, and turn them into realities. The company designs and create motion graphics with world class visual effects for a broad range of media ranging from websites to multimedia presentations. The way the artists create such effective character animation, perfect lip syncs for imaginary creatures and precise renderings of the environments through which the characters move is quite impressive.

In summary, the company offers a full spectrum of visual effects services. The American Graphic Communications like to continually explore cutting-edge technologies software, and innovative techniques for improving its team’s skills of live action, design, animation, visual effects, and CGI direction. The company realizes the potential of ideas, and work efficiently to transform them into the ultra-modern content. The digital studio has managed to establish a digital platform wherein talented people from various creative disciplines can meet to put their collective brainpower and efforts to create amazing projects as per their individual client’s request. With their artistic and technical skills, the AG Comm. team has already proven that it masters both the art and science of CGI.

American Graphic Communications: Achievements

The company’s in-house highly efficient team of talented animators and their consistent work combined with their exceptional imaginations helped the company to become a one of the leading CGI studios in the United States. With their expertise in highly technical animation like motion capture, and their skill of building moving objects with the usage of the computer-generated imagery, the company creates such mind-boggling characters the skin, movements, facial expressions and eyes of whom look so real. The animated characters and moving objects seem so real and cannot be distinguished from the real world. For the past more than a decade, the company has worked with numerous big brands and agencies to create award winning digital content and motion graphics. So far, the efficient and highly skilled team of AG Comm has created hundreds of 3D & CG content that have received accolades from the animation industry, and over 300 commercials, which are viewed by millions of people worldwide.

The wide diversity and technical ability of its in-house team has enabled the company to create collaborative masterpieces over a broad range of visual effects. The studio has inked deals with major Hollywood studios and independent production houses throughout the world to provide them with their creative skills ranging from story development and visualisation of characters, to final post-production, including complete 3D and CG and stereoscopic imaging and image creation. In order to create truly compelling and distinctive work for films, commercials, television, and special venue attractions, the LA company collaborates with leaders in animation and visual effects as well as some of the finest live-action directors and sound studios. The company uses their talent to conceive and create branded content, widely acclaimed commercials and films. The popular studio has produced, directed and created films and commercials, as well as created world-class animations both independently and with major global brands. The AG Comm.’s short films have received numerous accolades, winning several national and international awards. With the helps of its creative team of cinematographers, animators and storytellers, the company has also created such virtual reality content that has succeeded in captivating the audience.

The Company takes pride in having the most advanced filmmaking technology and techniques, world-class creative and talented team, a strong and experienced management team of hard workers that participate in both the company-wide efforts and a myriad of external studios and agencies to design and produce high-end 3D visualizations, animations and visual effects for films, television series, images, and interactive applications. AG Comm.’s high-end services are in demand by top clients all over the world, especially by well-known global film production houses. The company claims to give every project a unique creative presence and superior quality 3D CGI visualization that is not the opposite of real!